Sunday, 18 November 2012

Testing Love:The Biggest Test in Life

On Friday during the short story reading time, we came across a avery deep, intricate question "Why do we need to test love?".Honestly,this very question does not have any answer due to its various amount of perspectives and opinions. However, I personally feel that love needs to be tested due to its "implications" if not faithful,true,respectful and sincere to the relationship.Contradictory to the above statement of mine,I slightly feel that a couple should not test their love for each other because in the process they both get to find out attributes of each other which none of them wanted in the life partner's personality.Even if both of them love each other, a separation will be formed towards each other due to these qualities and this separation is tough to break.Love is not easily formed,so when formed we must use it to the fullest.In the end I come to this stand that taking a test for love is necessary. 

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