Monday, 26 November 2012

Family Time- Make Most Of It

That's called A- Family

First thing that would come into your mind why have these crazy people congregated in one sofa.Yes I would agree on the fact of craziness but that picture is what I call "Love" and "Family Time". The lady with the pink shirt who is next to me(black polo) is totally crazy. DISCLAIMER : If my aunt is reading this blog post of mine she will sue for two reasons, 1.For putting her on the internet, 2. For calling her crazy.What all I just said is not true, I take all my words back.That woman who I'm squeezing right at the left end is my aunt,Sherin(still very childish)! She turns out immature but very lovable.She found that hate birds but still wrote a letter to me with birds images. The rest three in row are my cousins.Lastly that's person in black is the person who is somewhat called my cousin and uncle. This happened when we were fighting for a football. This picture was taken when I went to America this summer.

The reason I put this up on the internet is that spending quality time is usually found in laptops not between your family.Not that I'm saying that we don't but we got to make it a habit.We are fortunate to have these laptops or family members to spend time with.So what I did during the summer was that I would forbid myself from using the internet.My mentor might be thinking how would he spent 2 months without the internet in USA! It went more than perfect than I expected.So hope you could leave your comments on how was the idea of spending time with Family.Should we practice it on ourselves and see how resilient we are.Hope you keep laughing at this picture for a long time.

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  1. Guys My aunt wrote a mail filing a lawsuit.Here it goes:
    Dear Mr. Glen Varghese

    This email is in response to the blog you have sent me and this shall serve as my formal intent to file a lawsuit against you, due to blatant and objectionable disregard of the law.

    If you wish to resolve this matter without court action, please reach me within 1 business day of receipt of this letter. If I do not hear from you within the time frame indicated above, I will purse actions necessary for the commencement of legal proceedings in the court of applicable jurisdiction and will be seeking costs against you in respect of same.

    Your prompt attention is appreciated.

    Sherin Philip- RN, MS,PNWH-NP