Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tom Brady- The Quaterback

Tom Brady is my idol.Tom Brady on of the best quarterback of all times in the NFL.The reason behind me liking this athlete has various answers.This sporting personality was amazing when he started his NFL career .So let me briefly about Tom Brady.

Thomas Edward Patrick "Tom" Brady, Jr. was on born August 3, 1977, is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). After playing college football at the University of Michigan, Brady was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

After being drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000, Tom Brady spent his first year holding a clipboard and watching from the sidelines. But in 2001, he got his big break. When the Patriot's starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe, was injured, Brady became the team's starter and took the team all the way to Super Bowl XXXVI. He led the Pats to a victory over the StLouis Rams and became the youngest player ever to be named Super Bowl MVP. Between October 2003 and October 2004, Tom Brady led the Pats to an NFL-record 21 straight wins, including a second Super Bowl title. With their 24 - 21 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX, Tom Brady and the Patriots can now lay claim to being one of the greatest teams in NFL history.

Tom Brady is my perfect idol for the reason that he reflected on UWCSEA profile values and skills.He reflects leadership as one of the leading and the backbone of the team he has lead the his team always to success as he led the team to 3 Super Bowl Title.He is a three time MVP award winner.He never gave up after the tough times he had with the Patriots.He was resilient during the games especially in all the Super Bowl  appearances.In his rookie season he has always won by coming back from behind.

He was a very committed person as he did a number of charity for the people less fortunate than him.He supported slums in developing countries like Africa and India.He has tried to give back to the society after the fame he earns after a game.During the NFL All star game he comes and helps the most number of people in that particular place and donates a lot of money as well to support the cause.

He has great amount of sportsmanship.He calls his opponent after the game and appreciate their work in the game.He also tells the mistakes he has done as a team and a player.This proves pure amount of acceptance towards the opponent and to himself.

He just totally inspires me by all means.


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