Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mentor Not In Town- Bad or Good

OMG This is such a happy and easy topic to write about!Actually whoever agreed to that opinion does not have feelings for Mr.Raisdana and me.He is a great teacher and mentor,without him my day is totally awful(I'm speaking from the bottom of my heart).It was a total disaster in class,I know when Mr.R is reading this he will not like it.

My Mentor

Well,yesterday was the beginning of the spirit week(pyjama day) and it was the last day before the fall break that I and my mentor group saw him as he had a trip planned to Beijing.That day passed off very quickly and so did Mr.R arrive in Beijing that soon.

I had infiltrated the room to see what Mr.R had worn for his favorite character,when I reached the room Mr.R was not in sight and I had realized that he was busy in the conference rooms in Beijing! Within few minutes Mr.Meehan,our counselor came and consoled me and then came the climax of my life our substitute was Mandarin teacher.She was vey nice and kind to us.With that sweetness she started the topic Smoking and it's Effects.That was not a really boisterous topic to speak about with all it's side effects.She had divided in to groups to brainstorm about it.Gosh!Was it a serene and peaceful place filled with curious brainstormers in the deep pool of JRa.Just confess I was busy watching Batman and finishing up my error analysis for my science test.It was just a huge racket in the pool.After that I found out that none of my classmates did anything! :) Don't be upset Mr.R!That was a sad first day. :(.We will catch up in the next 2 days.I hope Mr.R is having a great time in Beijing.


  1. Your post explains Mr Rasidana very very well. I did really miss him when he was gone! Now, that he's back, PARTY :D great post glen :)

  2. hey thats really true i had also missed him.It's great that he finally came back