Thursday, 27 September 2012

Why is There a Long queue in the Indian Food Stall?

Naan and Butter Chicken
Well,the topic I'm writing about is really cool and amusing as me being an Indian I don't get my own type of food in school.Wait,what I'm saying I want you,readers to actually and literally delete the opinions I just wrote.You can also use the Neuralyzer which is used in MIB 2&3.For those who don't know what it is,it erases the memory of the individual.I'm totally digressing from the topic,this not good ,if my English teacher was reading this he would just smile at me or tear me into two parts.Let's get back to food and the queue in the Indian food stall in my school canteen.In my first month of school I have only got two chances to buy something from the Indian stall.
Surprisingly,you can only buy lunch from that stall if you have extremely good stamina or a variety of activity passes,I have only one yet!

The fact which surprises me the most is that the queue if filled with Non-Indians who are really fond to enter that particular queue.I find this quite a sentimental and patriotic for the very reason being that there are many people who dying to eat Indian food.Some insane people say that when you eat Indian food you do stupid things like the government in India.The other reason is that I being an Indian cannot eat my home cuisine.I find this happening because the people who are standing in the queue don't eat Indian food that often or love Indian delicacies.Well,this is how the queue looks like:

I'd like to finish of with a statement every Indian would do "Jai Hind".In concern of my english teacher, who is going to read this,I would just like to say just smile after reading this post and not tear me.Here's a joke page to cheer up all of you:

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