Monday, 24 September 2012

Watching NFL During Our Mentor Time

NFL In the Class 

Quite a surprising fact that my mentor group,today morning was actually watching the play by play option of the NFL game online.I know it is slightly weird and flabbergasting.Wait a second, I take all my words back its was just hilarious and the situation was on tenterhooks.


Well,it all started when I walked into the class and my Mentor,Mr.R said that there is a NFL game going on he was watching it online!I had totally freaked out and astonished.My mouth was totally agape and my foot was stuck to the floor in bewilderment!I was totally adrenalized with what my mentor did.What first struck my mind was that are we allowed to watch NFL during our school hours.The game was between Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders.Due to the fact that all our my friends was late to school,Luckily we watched the last quater and the game was on the line.There was a minute left only and the score was tied at 31.At the 4th second the Raiders took a timeout,at that time they were on the 20 - yard line.After the timeout the Raiders' quarterback(position).This was just the highlight of the game he played the "Safety Bait"play.Fortunately,His throw was caught in the safe hands of their wide receiver(position) and he ran for the touchdown line.This catch gave my mentor joy as he is die hard fan of the Oakland Raiders.This was just one of craziest NFL games I have seen.The final score was 31-34.

This was one most interesting things that I did as a Mentor group.I'm still waiting for more things in my mentor group.


  1. Ha Glen! Glad you enjoyed it. Actually it was BEFORE school started and we "watched" it for 5 mins into class, but yeah it was a tie Raider game with 30 seconds left. Of course we need to see what happens.

    I think they won by a field goal but I like your ending better. I love that you like the NFL. It is the only real sport I care about. Let's hope the Raiders have a good season, so we can watch more games that end in joy and less in tears. They have made me cry...i could happen.

    By the way Mr. Neis is a huge Raider fan too, but don't tell him scores, or even hint at outcomes until Tuesday, as he watches every game. He might just tear your head off. You have been warned. I avoid him all day if I know the score.

  2. Next time, take out your camera and snap some shots if you know you will write a blog post about it later.