Thursday, 13 September 2012

US Elections 2012

Republican or Democrats

The Big Question ?

A real debate is emerging in America’s presidential election campaign. It is mostly about health care,jobs and taxes. More fundamentally, it is about democracy and free enterprise(outsourcing).

Democrats and Republicans appear not to be mutually reinforcing – It is hard to think of any flourishing democracy in which there is no good economy. Moreover, while a number of the economies have embraced free enterprise.

Yet it is not clear a priority why democracy and free enterprise should be mutually supportive. After all, democracy implies regarding individuals as equal and treating them as such, with every adult getting an equal vote, whereas free enterprise empowers individuals based on how much economic value they create and how much property they own.

What prevents the voter in a democracy from voting to dispossess the rich and successful. Echoes of such a tension are playing out as President Barack Obama tries to tap into middle-class anger, while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney appeals to disgruntled businesspeople.

 America’s presidential election, The recent crisis, followed by huge bailouts of financial institutions, has raised questions about how at least one segment of business – the bankers – make their money. As the misdeeds of “bankers” come to light, the system no longer seems fair.

 The American Dream seems to be slipping out of reach, in part because a good education, which seems to be the passport to prosperity, is increasingly unaffordable for many in the middle class. This erodes support for the free-enterprise system.

Obama understands this, which explains his appeal to, and focus on, the middle class. He is the standard bearer for democracy.

On the other hand, successful professionals and entrepreneurs believe that they have come by their wealth legitimately. They are the working rich, and dislike the growing burden of regulations and the prospect of higher taxes. They feel like they are being blamed for their success, and they resent it. Romney understands that America’s strength relies heavily on free enterprise.

The acceptance for Presidency Nomination(Romney-left,Obama-right)


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    1. Interesting, Glen. I appreciate your interest in US politics. Was this supposed to be your own blog entry or one where you are reposting somebody else's ideas?

    2. Mr. Haugen,no this is my own blog entry i have not reposted anyone's post or opinions.I have been analyzing this topic very closely.I was reading the newspaper everyday with relevance to this topic.