Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Play Against My Old Coach in A Game Situation

It was a beautiful,carefree Sunday afternoon.It was in my schedule on Sundays to play basketball games with my club "FastBreak".The 16th of September my FastBreak club was versing a very famous and competitive opponent the "Bobcats".The Bobcats are an affiliate of the NBA team the Charlotte Bobcats.An hour before the game I mentally prepare myself and adrenalize myself so that I do not get sloppy during the game.Post to that I had gone to the nearby basketball court and practice my offense and defense,for the very fact that my club run particular sets in basketball.After 30 minutes I head back home and get school to for the game.

Once I reached the court in school I was quite startled with the fact that none of my teammates have arrived for the game.Out of the blue, my current,coach comes in and questions me why am I the earliest for the game.In the following minutes my teammates show and we start to warm up by practicing our free throws and layups.As expected my opponents the Bobcats turn in for the game.

To my astonishment,their coach(my old coach,Gabriel) turned out to be the last person to reach the game!According to me the coach is supposed to reach the venue for the game before the players.When their coach sauntered in to the sports hall,I was totally flabbergasted with the fact that he was the opponent's coach.Due to respect I had immediately rushed to him and started talking about our old team in which we worked in together named "NPSI Cobras".He was my coach for 3 years,so he has a soft corner for me.As the game started,his started with a "Bang",they aggressive throughout the game but in the end  Fastbreak won the game by 1 point .The score was 51-50 in favor of us.The major thing which both of us did during the game was trash talk a lot.We were neck to neck during the game for jawing back at each other.Actually I was mostly concentrated on thinking of a comeback after he said something.

After the shake hands,he had spoken to me and told me that I was getting better as a player since he last time he saw me.

Well this is a picture of him,I was the player who was the most disappointed when he left us,I was the nearest and closest on and off the court. 



  1. Would love to see you play sometime. I bet your energy is harnessed and well spent on the court.

    1. Thank you Mr,R .Maybe as a class we could meet up and play a game of basketball.Thanks on commenting on my blog post.