Monday, 24 September 2012

UWCSEA EAST NFL Daily-25/09/12

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens

This was of the arguable matches of the week with the Baltimore Ravens winning by just a point.In the end the Ravens had a field goal and it was one the best punts and also and easy call for the officials.No,I take all of my words back and tell with lots of joy and a bit of disappointment it was a fantastic punt by a rookie. Controversially,it was one of the toughest calls for a referee but at the same time,the call was correct and fair.Immediately,left the field and chasing him was the Patriots head coach,Bill Belichick as he wanted the decision to favor his side.He had got a bit violent with the fact of touching the official.This might lead in him getting penalized with a suspension.To make things make worst for me,I'm a die hard fan of the New England Patriots.Well,bygones are bygones I can't do anything about it.

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