Wednesday, 26 September 2012

NBA Records and The Relation with ME,Glen Varghese

The Record history of the NBA:

1.Most no.of three points shots in a
a)Game:Kobe Bryant

b)Finals: Ray Allen

2.Most number of blocks in a
a)Career:Hakeem Oluajwon
b)Finals:Dwight Howard

These are the records which just stick in my mind the most because I'm a shot blocker and fairly good 3 point shooter for my level of competitiveness.The record I have held is 8 3 pointers and 15 blocked shots.I now these are amazing and professional athletes doing their "work".Well,I personally watch these videos usually before my basketball game as I feel strongly that I get inspired and motivated after watching this video.It's always happened that I have always knock down at least 2-3 pointers and block an average of 10 shots.The interesting thing that happens after I block a shot is that I get really pumped up and adrenalized.When I block shots my coach and my teammates sitting on the bench start to trash talk with the opposition.This really distracts and demoralize them that they got blocked.All I do is just sit and stare at the official or laugh at my coach,teammates.My role model for blocking shots is LeBron James and for 3-pointers it is Kobe Bryant!You guys might be thinking that I concentrate on this two aspects,well you'r wrong I love assisting my teammates.I give confusing passes like behind the back and no look passes which confuse the defenders and,surprisingly it puzzles my teammates!!! :D

To see all of this live and in action,please watch me and my Fastbreak club play basketball games on Sunday between 1pm and 2pm in the afternoon.

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