Tuesday, 25 September 2012

McDonalds Disgusting or Phenomenal

Say no and yes to McDonald's


Quite an interesting and sumptuous topic right,I really wanted to this topic because I'm TOTALLY OBSESSED with McDonalds.Their burgers are amazing and mouth-watering especially their Beef burgers.Stop right there reader,I take all of my words back,I know people say that "Once you strike the Arrow,you can't take it back and have a second try.Well,coming back to the burgers I felt extremely grosteque as they way were making round eye beef,the beef McDonalds use for their burgers.They add a total of 55% of preservatives per serving of their burger.The French Fries are one of the most unhealthiest junk food found there.Not for the reason of oil,salt,etc but for its amount of preservatives.It has about  70% of preservatives!I had also watched this clipping on the "Food  Inc" channel on Netflix.This was really heart-breaking as I saw the process in which they make the patties for the burger.With this video I really felt vegetarianism is better way of leading life.If you go to McDonald's next time please check the nutritional value.This is just way McDonalds progressed until date.The second clipping is a experimentation of leaving McDonald's food in a jar for 10 weeks.


  1. It is hard to make choices, especially when you know hoe terrible of a company McDonald's is. There was a time, I never ate MCD, like 10 years, but lately I have been sucked back in by their Ice Cream and Fries.

    I resent and dislike the whole concept, but go back anyway. Some times you just have to make a choice. Nice to see you struggling with it. Have you seen Super Size Me. I have a few books about food if you are interested.

    1. I really appreciate that you commented on this post as nobody has yet done it.I really believe that it is very difficult to make choices.I would love borrow the books about food and about the movie I have seen that movie.Do you mind bringing those books tmrw and I could borrow them.