Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chemical Reactivity Reflection

My Science Feedback on Chemical Reactivity

1. The last 2 things that I learned in the chemical reactivity was:
1)Carbon -14 dating
2)Balance the most complicated equations

2.The last 3 things that I'm not likely to forget are:
1)Bonding(All types)
2)Atomic numbers and Atomic masses
3)Valencies of all Basic and Complex Ions
(These things are part of long list of chemical terms which I will never forget)

3.The favorite thing that I did was the lab activity because mixing around different types of chemicals,getting my gloves and hands dirty and wet with chemicals.I think the lab activity that I did had the most number of experiments to do.(Again this is just part of a long list of things which I enjoy in Mr.Haugen's class)

4.The thing that I am still serious about is fission,fusion and nuclear reactivity.I'm also curious about blood doping and freezing.

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